Friday, February 27, 2015

My Dream Work Space is a Dining Room?

As you know, I am a confirmed desk-hater. I don't use one. I don't want one. Enough said, but I do adore a big table for spreading out projects on or gathering around for a shared workspace.  So, since my ideal work space must have a great table, the home office of my dreams would be….in the dining room?
dining room office

I know. I know. Most people tend to put the home office in a bedroom or den or something with a door. They don't want their work mess in a communal space and certainly not on their grandma's antique table, but look at these spaces from WeWork? They aren't your traditional office cubical are they? They are mostly co-working, shared spaces. As an extrovert and a mom, this appeals to me. My creativity and passion are fueled by being around people. I work better with and around them (even if my little people are sometimes a distraction). Additionally, I need to be able to see my children to supervise and care for them. So, I dream of a multipurpose office where the whole family can get down to business. I dream of a dining room. *Sigh*

For those of you out there who are fortunate enough to have a formal dining area, how often do you use it? I have seen too many wasted dining rooms. Either they sit pristine and unused most of the time or they seem to be magnets for junk. Don't let it waste away! Make it a library, a game room, or a very functional office. Here's how:
office dining room

Besides a hardworking table (no precious family heirlooms please), choose lots of closed storage for corralling books, electronics, games, whatever! Just like any dining room, you need comfy seating, good lighting (hopefully with lots of natural light), and beautiful artwork. I would add a clock, a pin board, and stackable stools for versatility. (Stackable stools are so useful.) Then last of all, get to work and use your space!

Source List:

Earth Tones Room, Cost $3000
Table, West Elm
Cabinet, Ikea
Pendant Lights, Home Depot
Molded Plywood Chairs, Ikea
Armchairs, World Market
Rug, Dash and Albert
Stackable Stools,
Gold Scallop Pinboard, Pottery Barn Teen
Bird Art, Alice Melvin
Engineering Print, Etsy
Clock, Target

White and Bright Room, Cost $2500
Table, Ikea
White Cabinet, Ikea
Silver Chairs, Crate and Barrel
Blue Chairs, CB2
Rug, Dash and Albert
Stackable Stools, Ikea
Gray Scallop Pinboard, Pottery Barn Teen 
Map Art Print, Etsy
Geometric Art Print, Etsy 
Chandelier, Home Depot 
Clock, Target

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Bedroom Office in 30 sq ft

Have you seen these radical, cozy/chic office spaces at WeWork San Francisco? Did you see all those people working and lounging on couches with their lap tops? Those lap top loungers are my kind of people, but more on that later.

For your information, WeWork is a coworking company especially suited to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for awesome shared spaces to get creative in. Their amazing, unconventional work spaces have inspired me to share my own eccentric little home office.  Let me share how my home office evolved...

bedroom office

I live in a 1400 sq ft, three bedroom rental. I have three little boys. (Yes, I did say three.) Do the math. I can't afford to give up a bedroom for an office. I was lucky to get even 30 sq ft. of devoted work space.

Obviously, this doesn't leave room for a desk, but I don't want a desk because I hate them. That's right! I am a desk-hater. I think they are outdated, unnecessary, and often ugly. I much prefer to be a lap top lounger with my comfy chair and my computer. (And it only took me five years, 3 homes, and two desks to realize that!)  Of course, if I really need to spread out, I use the kitchen table. Doesn't everybody?

Now, you could slide 30 sq ft of office in just about anywhere, but, as you can see, this office resides at the foot of my bed. Ugh. Who wants an unending view of all that junk while they try to relax? Not me, but there really wasn't a better spot for it. So in it went. This made it absolutely essential that this be a "hidden" office. The space had to feel like it belonged in a bedroom, but function as an office. I know I am not the only person with the bedroom/office dilemma. I am here to tell you, "It can be done!"

bedroom officeFor my space, it all depended on the cabinet. I needed something large, to house all the clutter, but not so big that it overwhelmed my tiny bedroom. A BESTÃ… cabinet from Ikea fit the space and the budget. I added contact paper to make the glass doors opaque and boom! Office by day…soothing bedroom by night. 

Here are three of my favorite parts of this space:
1. I love that the right pen turns ordinary glass doors into message boards. Handy and fun.
2. Nearly free artwork---It's beautiful and budget friendly. I found mine from the illustrations of an old children's picture book and The Graphics Fairy
3. My little charging/reading basket is the best! It houses tablets, lap top, and iPhones for all our e-reading, browsing, etc. We sneak in a few of the "old" kinds of books and magazines too.

Well, that's all there is to my tiny bedroom office. What do you think? Could you manage one of your own? Need a little more space or division possibly? My dad uses his walk-in closet as his personal office and I gotta say that it works great for him. See? The bedroom office can be done!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Math Valentine's Printable

free math printables

My inner geek has been running rampant lately. I had ridiculous fun creating nerdy valentines just for my own amusement. But, since I know there are a lot of corny math teachers out there (like me), I decided to share my math loving creations with the world. You can go ahead and thank me now, or better yet, thank one of your truly awesome math teachers by giving them…a valentine. 

Special thanks to Mein Lila Park, from which I shamelessly download all sorts of fabulous digital scrapbook papers. And of course, to Etsy, for lots of inspiration like this and this. Who knew there were so many dweeby ways to say, "I love you"?

Go ahead and click on the link below each image to download and please remember these are for personal or classroom use only.
math valentines printable
Vertical Math Valentine's Printable

geeky math valentines
Horizontal Math Valentine's Printable
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